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Creating greater understanding and effectiveness in Health Care at Home.


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Administrator Training BY Administrators FOR Administrators

Basic 8-hour Administrator Training – Foundational course


Basic 8-hour Administrator/Manager Training eLearn - 8 CEU All Agency Types - #1 selling course - Updated 4/2022

Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation - 2 CEUs - All Agency Types

Basic 8-hour Administrator Course for Class A, B & Annual Training $379
CDPHE-approved Administrator/Manager/Alternate Basic Licensure Training - 8 CEUs Approved for Initial and Annual Training for all agency types. www.homehealthcerts.com for immediate access [ More Information ]
Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation $150
This course identifies responsibilities of Administrator/Manager relative to abuse, neglect and exploitation training. Audio is coming soon. [ More Information ]

Assistive Device Use in Home Care - 2 CEUs -100% download, no computer use required

Assistive Devices in Home Care $100
No computer required for this class as requested by community members. Special Needs and Elderly Populations - Access to assistive devices is essential for many people with disabilities and is an important part of any development strategy. Without assistive devices, people with disabilities may never be educated or able to work. And benefits of assistive devices are [ More Information ]

Behavior Management of the Client with Dementias and Cognitive Disorders - 2 CEUs

Behavior Management of the Client with Mental Illness Diagnosis - 2 CEUs

Behavior Management of the Client with Dementias or Cognitive Disorders $150
Attendees will learn skills and tools necessary to provide care and services to clients with cognitive and memory impairments. [ More Information ]
Behavior Management and Mental Illness $150
Many home care agencies provide care and services to adults with a mental illness or MI. With practice, home care workers will feel more confident and effective using the tools described in this course. [ More Information ]

Care about Care Coordination - 2 CEUs

Care about HIPAA, Privacy & Confidentiality

Care about Care Coordination $100
In this non-audio course (coming soon), Attendees will learn skills and tools necessary to apply State Licensure rules in daily operations, understand why care coordination is necessary, what makes it effective, and typical barriers. [ More Information ]
Privacy & Confidentiality: Why Home Care should care about HIPAA $100
As Administrators, we have a duty to ensure all workforce members understand their responsibility to abide by HIPAA rules. [ More Information ]

Care about Immunity - 2 CEUs

Care of the Fragile, Ill & Complex Client

Care about Immunity $100
Why care about immunity? To understand how the body fights illness when germs, such as bacteria or viruses, invade the body. [ More Information ]
Care of the Fragile, Ill and Complex Client- 2 CEU $150
Home Care Agencies face particular challenges in providing services and coordinating care for frail, ill and complex clients. 2 CEU [ More Information ]

Complaint & Incident Processing Part 1 

CDPHE-approved Complaint & Incident Processing Part 1 $150
Attendees will learn skills and tools necessary to apply State Licensure rules in appropriately investigating, resolving, and documenting complaints and incidents in this recorded video training. [ More Information ]



Emergency Preparedness Program - 2 CEUs

Emergency Preparedness $150
Significant Federal Emergency preparedness regulations overlap Infection Control and Prevention, especially during a Public Health Emergency. The goal of this 2-hour video program with Jennifer Windram, RN, BSN and former CDPHE Surveyor is to provide the fundamentals of the Federal rules along with the rules of CO Licensure. BONUS: FORMS AND POLICIES APPROPRIATE FOR STANDARDS [ More Information ]

Ethics Program in Home Care - 2 CEU

Ethics in Home Care $150
The power over a client’s wellbeing creates a mandatory need for all healthcare organizations to develop an ethics program with an ethics committee. [ More Information ]