Addition of eight new hospitals to CORHIO

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Health information exchange in Colorado expands with the addition of eight new hospitals to CORHIO.

HealthONE, an eight-hospital system in the Denver area, has announced its successful connection to the Colorado Regional Health Information Organization (CORHIO).  The health system which saw 1.2 million patient encounters over the past year, will join forty-seven hospitals and more than 2100 physician providers in the ability to conduct secure health information exchange to improve care coordination and patient safety.

“We are pleased that our eight hospitals are now part of the CORHIO network,” said Sylvia Young, president of the HealthONE system of hospitals. “The health information exchange has a robust membership and it will help the providers in the network share patient information quickly and accurately. That will benefit patients as well as hospitals and physicians.”Credit: iStock

“I am thrilled that HealthONE is now officially part of the CORHIO health information exchange network,” added Morgan Honea, chief executive officer at CORHIO. “HealthONE is one of Colorado’s largest health systems, so the impact of their participation—in terms of numbers of patients who will benefit — is enormous. We are grateful to HealthONE and its parent company, HCA, for investing in technology that enables better coordinated care and higher quality care for Coloradans.”

CORHIO, the state-designated HIE in Colorado, has been a successful leader in the regional and national HIE landscapes.  With partners such as Kaiser Permanente and the state’s largest medical labs, the organization covers up to 65 percent of the state’s population and 94 percent of the hospital beds in is purview.

During its four-year history running the Colorado Regional Extension Center (REC) program, CORHIOhas helped 2295 providers and 33 rural and critical access hospitals (CAHs) adopt EHR technology and meet meaningful use.  The REC is currently transitioning to a fee-for-service model to sustain itself financially and continue to provide services to the Colorado healthcare community.  The HIE is exploring possibilities to take on a role in population health management for the state’s six million residents, and hopes that providers will use the possibilities inherent in health information exchange to further collaboration and improve care coordination amongst themselves.

“At this unique point in time and in the Colorado spirit, what I’d really like to see bringing the different resources like CORHIO together in a shared vision that would result in a statewide population health/ analytics/care management workforce analysis tool that could be used by anyone interested in trying to improve not only the health of the population but also the efficiencies of the system and the way that our health systems are able to actually provide care to patients,” said Honea to EHRintelligence duringan interview in June.

“Long story short, CORHIO is not in the position to dominate or take on that role, but I do think what we do will be recognized as a critical infrastructure component of that bigger vision that will involve a number of different partners that have done tremendous work as well in Colorado. The idea that you’re taking these data that used to be locked up in these silos just a couple of years ago and starting to empower people who could be drivers of change in the system is exciting. It’s something that few thought about five to ten years ago when they started building these systems.”

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