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February 17 - 

February 1 -

QMP with Jennifer Windram, BSN, former state and CMS surveyor


·         Colorado Licensure Standards

·         Common survey focus areas

·         Frequently cited deficiencies

·         Methods to monitor care and services

·         Methods to prevent problems

·         How to maintain compliance

·         Adequate use of PDCA

·         Investigation and improvement of areas needing improvement

·         QM tools for analyzation and solution identification

Who should attend?

Administrators/Managers and Alternates, Agency Owners, Operators, Supervisory Personnel, Quality Management Personnel, Social workers, Health Information Director, Billing office director, Patient Safety Officer, Discharge planners, Transitional Care Staff, Compliance officer, Chief Operations Officer, Medical Directors and Physicians, all nurses with direct patient care, Risk Managers, Regulatory Officers, Physician aAvisor, UR nurses, Accreditation coordinator, Nurse Educators, Chief Executive Officer, Field Staff, Clinical managers, PI director.photo_JenniferWindram.jpg

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