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Home Health ICD-10 Resources - 2018

Home Health Coding should be fairly easy to get up-to-speed in since the number of primary Dx is somewhat limited (as compared to a hospital). 

Do you have a list of your top 25 Dx for the last year, 2 years, 3 years? 

Can you get someone to start and maintain a list for YOUR agency starting today?  This aids a lot in cross-training so you don't find yourself bottle-necked when the primary responsible goes on vacation or sick leave.


The home health specific book is what I always use.  I always find it useful to have a current manual on hand specific to home health:

 Axxess has free training videos taught by Jennifer Gibson who is EXCELLENT….she was snagged by HCAC this year to do ICD-10 workshops.  I think you’ll like the videos and be surprised how informative they are for FREE:

You might ask these Consultants if they do onsite at your agency and/or if they offer a Telephone service where your staff can call when needed:


  4. Then of course the big guys are Corridor + Simeone + Fazzi


Let me know if you think another key resource should be added (


Happy Coding!

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