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Verbal threats, insults and humiliation: A form of abuse

Every type of home care agency is required to assess client satisfaction at certain intervals.  The Medicare-certified agency assesses satisfaction by posing questions mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid.  Such mandated questions include "How often did the home health providers from this agency treat you with courtesy and respect?" and "How often did the home health providers from this agency treat you as gently as possible?"

Many people are afraid to address let alone report verbal insults and language that can do a lot of harm to a person's psychological well being.  Why not open the door to reporting mistreatment by asking about it?  Include questions on your satisfaction survey to ask about conflict.  "How often in the past did your caregiver or someone insult or swear at you?" and "How often did someone stomp out of the room or home?" How often did someone threaten to hit or throw something at you?"

Words hurt.  Verbal mistreatment of our elders needs to be brought out into the open and addressed.  Using the client satisfaction survey in your organization can open the door to reporting.

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