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Are You Prepared for Your Next Survey? by Jennifer Windram, RN

We all know that the CDPHE surveyors evaluate your agency’s compliance with State and Federal rules and regulations. But did you know that there are certain areas that tend to draw more scrutiny?




1. For agencies providing Private Duty Nursing under the Medicaid Program, or agencies providing private pay extended hour services, CDPHE will focus its attention on the staffing and scheduling of cases, the number and reason for missed visits, staff documentation that describes what occurred during each shift and the qualifications/training/competence of all staff providing high tech services.


2. For agencies with electronic medical records, CDPHE will focus on the safeguarding of these records, the method for making corrections or addendums to the electronic record and infection control measures if portable devices are taken from home to home.


3. For agencies who use relative CNAs to provide care to their own relative, CDPHE will evaluate whether the relative CNA was treated the same as other agency CNAs with regard to hiring, training and supervision. They will also focus on the care provided by the relative CNA to ensure the relative only provides assigned tasks and remains within their scope of practice when working as a CNA.


These are just a few examples of the areas and issues CDPHE will focus on when surveying your agency. And it is different for each agency because the scope of services provided by each agency is different.


To prepare for your next CDPHE survey, you and your agency should evaluate your care and services to identify the areas that will be highly scrutinized and the areas where you are most vulnerable. These areas/processes/cases can then be monitored on an ongoing basis (as part of your quality management program) to help you identify and improve any areas of concern before your next survey.


Would you like help identifying your potential problem areas? Do you need assistance prioritizing issues/problems, so that the most urgent are addressed first? Are you interested in preparing your agency for when CDPHE walks through the front door? CHCTC can help!


CHCTC will perform a mock survey to:


-Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities

-Ensure you have vital systems in place

-Understand how the regulations are interpreted and evaluated during a survey

-Prepare for your agency’s response when CDPHE walks in the front door

-Self identify problem areas and initiate necessary action items

The mock survey includes:


-An entrance conference

-Review of your agency’s complaints, incidents and occurrences

-Review of a sample of clinical and personnel records

-A review of administrative documents, including your quarterly record reviews, annual agency evaluation, professional advisory committee meetings and governing body meeting minutes.

-Evaluation of the agency’s quality management plan and program

-An exit conference

-Home visits and staff interviews at the agency’s request (requires additional onsite time)


The mock survey also includes a complimentary report delivered within a week of concluding the survey. The report will include a summary of all the findings, with a prioritized list of the issues the agency should address.


SPRING SPECIAL with Jennifer Windram - Now until June 30, 2014!



-8 hour survey: $700

-12 hour survey: $1000

-16 hour survey: $1250 (each additional hour thereafter at a rate of $75/hour)


Discounted from the standard rate of $120/hour

The number of hours is based on the sample size selected for the survey (typically based on census and agency preference). Please call or email for more details. 



Included with the Spring Special:

-Free plan of correction (up to 3 deficiencies) for any survey that occurs within 3 months of the mock survey.

-Discounted consultative services at a rate of $85/hour to assist with identified action items for a period of 3 months following the mock survey.





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