Frequently asked questions


Q.  How do we get Licensed/certified?

A.  Download this flowchart.

Q. We want a one-day course with the entire Basic 8-hour program.

A. The 8-hour Basic Training course requires eight clock hours of face-to-face training.  We will provide such training for agencies to pay to have it held onsite at their agency for nine+ hours.

However, a 9-hour live course has received largely negative feedback from the home care community indicating: a) it is too long to hold attention and b) it is not possible to mentally engage for that period of time.  Therefore, the two-day live course is scheduled from 10 am to 3 pm to allow attendees the flexibility to attend to work before and after the course; it also allows for nearby out-of-towners to attend without the added expense of a hotel room.

Q.  I just registered for an interactive, online class.  Now what?

A.  The instructor will send you an email with a link to use, course materials and the phone number to dial to connect audio. Click on the link with the device you plan to use for the course to ensure connectivity well in advance of the course start time.

Q.  I am trying to register for courses and pay with a credit card but the charge will NOT go through.

A.  The address entered into our website for credit card payment must match the billing addresses where your credit card statement is mailed.  A name/address/zipcode error occurs if you fail to enter the address where you receive the statement.

Q.  We have a new home health agency and need Basic Administrator Training.  Which course do we take first?

A.  CDPHE-approved Basic 8-hour Administrator Training is the name of the course you want to take within the first 30 day on the job.  This course is offered 11 times a year so check our website at for the current schedule of this course.

Q.  What is the address of the live training session?

A.  Basic 8-hour Administrator training is held at Heather Ridge Golf Club, 13521 E Iliff Ave, Aurora, CO 80014.