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PCW & HMK Competencies Pricing
PCW & HMK Competencies

PCW & HMK Competencies
PCW & HMK Competencies Effective 2 14 2022:  7.6 in Chapter 26 for Training, Competency, and Skills Validation Documentation

(A) All training, competency, and skills validation shall be documented by the HCA.

Documented evidence of trainings, competency testing, and skills validation shall be documented with the date of training; length of training; entity or instructor(s) that offered or produced the training; a short description of the content; and staff member's written or electronic signature or proof of attendance.

The HCA shall maintain evidence of training, competency testing, skills validation, and related certificates along with proof of completion in each individual’s personnel file.

Table of Contents of 25 step-by-step competencies and skills checklist for PCW

Hand Washing
Apply and Remove Personal Protective Equipment
Bag Technique
Bathing – Bed Bath
Bathing – Tub Bath
Bathing – Shower
Perineal Care
Shampoo – Bed (Tub and shower shampoo are included in tub and shower bath)
Oral Hygiene
Denture Care
Nail Care
Positioning Client in side-lying position
Transfer to Wheelchair
Transfer from Chair to Bed
Mechanical Lift
Make an Occupied Bed
Application of Compression Hose
Toileting – Bedpan
Toileting – Commode
Bed making - HMK
Floor cleaning - HMK
Dishwashing - HMK
More competencies in progress
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