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Understanding the Survey Process $150.00 (Each)

Understanding the Survey Process
Understanding the Survey Process Engage in this non-audio program to ensure your first or next survey is a complete success!

Will you be Calm and Collected or Frantic and Frenzied?
Are you prepared for your next survey? Will you be able to provide everything that is requested? Will you answer the surveyor’s questions with confidence, or with hesitation and doubt? Have you identified and addressed your agency’s potential survey focus areas? Do you understand how a surveyor chooses their survey sample and investigates potential issues?

If you can’t answer yes to all of these questions, your next survey could be a frustrating and difficult experience.

Our online interactive, Understanding the Survey Process, course can help alleviate your worries and better prepare you for when the surveyors walk through the front door!

Workshop Goals
Attendees will understand the survey process from a surveyor’s perspective, as well as gain insight in to the decision making process for citing deficient practice. Attendees will be able to apply this knowledge in preparation for all survey types and during ongoing monitoring of the agency’s compliance with State Licensing rules.

Workshop Content
This Certificate Workshop offers a six-part curriculum, with interactive discussions, presentations and case studies. The curriculum includes:

Survey types
Survey components
Common survey focus areas
Surveyor decision making process
Reading a deficiency list and writing a plan of correction
Questions & Answers

You will learn the skills necessary to show a clear understanding of the survey process to maximize compliance and minimize deficiencies. After this course, you will be able to:

 Demonstrate an understanding of the basic survey components
 List at least three current trends in citing deficiencies
 Identify weakness in your agency relative to commonly cited deficiencies and common survey focus areas
 Discuss how to prepare agency staff for surveys
 Write an effective and sustainable plan of correction

Workshop Handouts and Activities
Attendees will receive an entrance conference checklist, a plan of correction cheat sheet, and tools similar to the ones used by surveyors during the survey process. Real life scenarios will be used to demonstrate different aspects of the survey process.

Continuing Education Units
Each attendee receives Continuing Education Units for up to two (2) clock hours of education at the completion of the workshop, course evaluation and competency exam.

Who Should Attend
This workshop is appropriate for Administrators, Managers, and Alternates, Agency Owners, Operators, Supervisory Personnel, and Quality Management Personnel.

Kindly note:
1. The link for your class will be emailed to you 24 to 48 hours before the course start.You are responsible for monitoring the email address used in the registration for the course-email-link and notify CHC at least 24 hours before published start time that the link was not received. Failure to provide 24 hour notice results in course forfeiture.
2. Please - TEST YOUR DEVICE BEFORE course start time. The instructor is not available during the training for assistance with your device issues. Using the device you will use for the training, please go to
3. One CEU is 60 minutes. Failure to attend on time and completely each session may result in deduction of CEUs on the final certificate issued. Attendees are expected to be engaged during the entire session and answer any questions asked by the instructor during the training.
4. COURSE MATERIALS are copyrighted. Paid attendees only may use training materials and attend online programs.

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Understanding the Survey Process $150
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