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In-Home Support Services - 2 CEU Pricing
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In-Home Support Services - 2 CEU
In-Home Support Services - 2 CEU This course is offered to Colorado Providers as Manager and Alternate Training for additional RELATED annual training that equals 12 hours required in the first year and annually thereafter as described in 6 CCR 1011-1, Chapter XXVI, Part 8.3.

Learning Objectives:

• Understand applicable requirements from Volume 8 to become IHSS certified.
• Understand administrative duties required to manage an IHSS agency.
• Gain an understanding of the purpose of the IHSS program.
• Gain an understanding of what to expect from an initial IHSS survey.

In Home Support Services (IHSS) is an HCBS program that allows the care to be consumer-driven.
Under IHSS, a consumer has access to Health Maintenance activities (HMA), personal care and homemaking.

Facts about IHSS:
• Consumers hire and train their own staff.
• HMA is skilled care.
• The nurse practice act is waived for HMA care.
• Relatives and spouses can provide HMA care.
• There are no limitations to family providing PCP care.
• Those who qualify for HCBS or CHCBS qualify for IHSS.
• An RN supervises care.

The IHSS Program expands the agency's Scope of Services in a manner that can enhance the skills of personal care staff. The skilled nature of IHSS allows for personal care staff to learn first-hand the meaning of consumer-driven care. It also provides staff opportunity to learn the skills and tasks needed by any client in the IHSS waiver program thereby allowing for greater skill development than in an agency that provides non-medical care only.

Contact Laura Neill now (720) 984-7628 -
for more information about your organization adding IHSS to expand the services your home care agency offers.

Kindly note:
1. You are responsible for monitoring the email address used in the registration for the course-email-link and notify CHC at least 24 hours before published start time that the link was not received. Failure to provide 24 hour notice results in course forfeiture.
2. Please - TEST YOUR DEVICE BEFORE course start time. The instructor is not available during the training for assistance with your device issues. Using the device you will use for the training, please go to
3. One CEU is 60 minutes. Failure to attend on time and completely each session may result in deduction of CEUs on the final certificate issued. Attendees are expected to be engaged during the entire session and answer any questions asked by the instructor during the training.
4. COURSE MATERIALS are copyrighted. Paid attendees only may use training materials and attend online programs.
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