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Emergency Preparedness Pricing
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Emergency Preparedness $150.00 (Each)

Emergency Preparedness
Emergency Preparedness Workshop Content
This course allows participation on your mobile, tablet, laptop or any device. The curriculum includes:

Four broad standards of the new rule
Policies & procedures + training program & drills
Coordination with other healthcare facilities
Coordination with the Community as a whole
Questions & Answers
Evaluation, Competency Exam

Workshop Objectives
You will learn the skills necessary to show a clear understanding and appropriate application of Emergency Preparedness Standards. After this course, you will be able to:
Identify four key emergency preparedness standards in an overall program.
Locate and review key websites constantly updated by CMS with details for implementation.
Identify waivers to other regulations and standards during emergencies.
Discuss how you will coordinate with other healthcare facilities, as well as the whole community.
Learn about your communication plan that complies with federal and state laws and loops in other area providers.
Understand the requirements and format for the HCA annual review of the overall Program.

Continuing Education Units
Each attendee receives up to two Continuing Education Units and a Certificate of Attendance at the completion of the workshop, course evaluation and competency exam.

Who Should Attend
All staff especially First-time and seasoned Administrators/Alternates, Candidates, Governing Board / PAC members, Medical Directors, Home Care Medicine Staff, Advisors/consultants, Quality & Safety Staff, Marketing, Front & Backoffice Staff and New Hires.

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Emergency Preparedness $150
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