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Basic 8-hour Administrator Course for Class A, B & Annual Training Pricing
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Basic 8-hour Administrator Course for Class A, B & Annual Training $379.00 (Each)

Basic 8-hour Administrator Course for Class A, B & Annual Training
Basic 8-hour Administrator Course for Class A, B & Annual Training Basic Administrator Training is offered VIA eLearn on the CHC Virtual Classroom at that is available 24/7.

The eLearn course lets you start and stop as often as you’d like for as long as you would like.

Workshop Goals
The goal of this workshop is to provide the fundamentals of Home Care Management for compliance with both Annual Training and Initial Training required by CDPHE of all Administrators, Managers & alternates. This courses sets the stage from which all other courses flow!

Workshop Content

License standards overview, National, State home care & post-acute care provider types,
Key Federal, State & Local Law Review;
Consumer Rights, P&P required for all agency types
Written Notice of Home Care Consumer Rights, Disclosure notice, Demonstrating consumer understanding;
Questions & Answers, Evaluation, Competency Exam

Governing Body Duties, Administrator/Manager Duties, PAC membership and responsibilities,
Survey readiness, Annual Evaluation, Data collection, Complaints, Incidents, Occurrences, Grievances, Contract worker agreement
Quality Management Plan: The Standards, most common deficiencies, concept of organization-wide, Risk management similarities and differences to Quality management.
Questions & Answers, Evaluation, Competency Exam

Workshop Objectives
You will learn the skills necessary to show a clear understanding and appropriate application of Licensure Standards. After this course, you will be able to:
▪ List three reasons for the need for licensure
▪ Identify differences between skilled and non-skilled services
▪ Utilize at least five concepts of written notice of consumer rights in the home care setting
▪ Identify 3 responsibilities of the Governing Board, Administrator/Manager & PAC.
▪ Define ongoing training program components for PCWs, CNAs, Administrators, Managers & Alternates
▪ Demonstrate at least 4 needs of a compliant Quality Management Program
▪ Understand components of the home care / post-acute care industry on both a national and state level
▪ Define the term, “minimum standards” and how it applies to your daily operations,
▪ Describe how to locate Chapter 26 and 2 in the Colorado Code of Regulations and briefly describe content of each,
▪ Define the term “consumer” as used in Licensure standards,
▪ Compare and contrast License classification types A and B and legal limits of services therein,
▪ Illustrate dually regulated home care and what that means,
▪ Communicate the key points in 18 federal laws that affect the aged, infirm & disabled,
▪ Consider at least 5 components required in handling Complaints/Incidents/Occurrences,
▪ Depict similarities of the Quality & Risk Management Programs,
▪ List at least 10 documents required to present to surveyors upon the initiation of an unannounced survey,
▪ Distinguish between an organization’s bylaws and articles of incorporation (organization),
▪ Describe client rights of LEP or Limited English Proficiency,

Continuing Education Units Each attendee receives up to eight (8) Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) and a Certificate of Attendance at the completion of the workshop, course evaluation and competency exam.

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Basic 8-hour Administrator Course for Class A, B & Annual Training $379
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