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Basic 8-hour Administrator Course via web Pricing
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Basic 8-hour Administrator Course via web $379.00 (Each)

Basic 8-hour Administrator Course via web
Basic 8-hour Administrator Course via web Workshop Content

License standards overview, National, State home care & post-acute care, Provider Types
Key Federal, State & Local Law Review; Consumer Rights, P&P required for all agency types
Written Notice of Home Care Consumer Rights, Disclosure notice, Demonstrating consumer understanding;
Questions & Answers, Evaluation, Competency Exam

Governing Body Duties, Administrator/Manager Duties, PAC membership and responsibilities,
Survey readiness, Annual Evaluation, Data collection, Complaints, Incidents, Occurrences, Grievances, Contract worker agreement
Quality Management Plan: The Standards; Risk Management overview, Create mini-QMP as group exercise.
Questions & Answers, Evaluation, Competency Exam

Workshop Objectives
You will learn the skills necessary to show a clear understanding and appropriate application of Licensure Standards. After this course, you will be able to:
▪ List three reasons for the need for licensure
▪ Identify differences between skilled and non-skilled services
▪ Utilize at least five concepts of written notice of consumer rights in the home care setting
▪ Identify 3 responsibilities of the Governing Board, Administrator/Manager & PAC.
▪ Define ongoing training program components for PCWs, CNAs, Administrators, Managers & Alternates
▪ Demonstrate at least 4 needs of a compliant Quality Management Program
▪ Understand components of the home care / post-acute care industry on both a national and state level
▪ Define the term, “minimum standards” and how it applies to your daily operations,
▪ Describe how to locate Chapter 26 and 2 in the Colorado Code of Regulations and briefly describe content of each,
▪ Define the term “consumer” as used in Licensure standards,
▪ Compare and contrast License classification types A and B and legal limits of services therein,
▪ Illustrate dually regulated home care and what that means,
▪ Communicate the key points in 18 federal laws that affect the aged, infirm & disabled,
▪ Consider at least 5 components required in handling Complaints/Incidents/Occurrences,
▪ Depict similarities of the Quality & Risk Management Programs,
▪ List at least 10 documents required to present to surveyors upon the initiation of an unannounced survey,
▪ Distinguish between an organization’s bylaws and articles of incorporation (organization),
▪ Describe client rights of LEP or Limited English Proficiency,

Continuing Education Units Each attendee receives up to eight (8) Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) and a Certificate of Attendance at the completion of the workshop, course evaluation and competency exam.

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Basic 8-hour Administrator Course via web $379
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