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Limitations of Personal Care Pricing
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Limitations of Personal Care
Limitations of Personal Care LIMITATIONS OF PERSONAL CARE. This is a non-audio course. In order to delineate the types of services that can be provided by a Personal Care Worker (PCW), this program is a review of examples of limitations where skilled home health care would be needed to meet higher needs of the consumer. This is an eBook that covers licensing standards and the scope of functions and tasks for Personal Care Workers. Each PCW must demonstrate competency in performing each of the tasks listed. Non-medical, Class B home care agencies (HCA) are under no obligation to offer all of these tasks and services. But if the HCA offers the service, Administrators must assure that the client’s needs are appropriately met and that the person providing such personal care services is competently and safely performing the functions and tasks specified in the consumer’s plan of service.
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