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Behavior Management and Mental Illness Pricing
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Behavior Management and Mental Illness $150.00 (Each)

Behavior Management and Mental Illness
Behavior Management and Mental Illness Many home care agencies provide care and services to adults with a mental illness or MI. Although some consumers need specialized care, home care workers should not discount the potential impact of taking time during home visits to minimize behaviors with certain clients. Simple actions such as demonstrating emotional openness, instilling hope, and using active listening can be powerful. With practice, home care workers will feel more confident and effective using the tools described in this course.

Workshop Goals and Course Learning Objectives
After this course, you will be able to:
Define the term “mental illness” and what it is and what it is NOT
Discuss the historical perspective of illness and why this is important today
Name two organizations that provide key statistics, information and support on mental illness
Define DSM and how it is used with mental illness
Name at least three mental illnesses
Express how behaviors can impact care
Identify the objective of a Behavior Management Plan (BMP)
Name expectations of a BMP that are unrealistic
Define “Behavior Report (BR)”
Discuss consumer cognitive ability and affect on BMP

Continuing Education Units
Each attendee receives Continuing Education Units for up to two (2) clock hours of education after the workshop, course evaluation, and competency exam.

Who Should Attend
This workshop is appropriate for Administrators, Managers, Alternates, Agency Owners, Operators, Supervisory Personnel, Quality Management Personnel, Social workers, and staff with direct consumer responsibilities.
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Behavior Management and Mental Illness $150
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